About Central Steam Group

This Central Steam Group is a fellowship of cool dudes who enjoy playing all types of online games. The founding members of the group share a primary interest in a variety of flight simulators, & originally met while flying with FSX Steam for another virtual airline in the past.

After being kicked from the airline for a variety of queer reasons, including simply flying for fun outside the VA, painting liveries for other airlines, or simply visiting with other online pilots, this small but determined group including both real and sim pilots, in addition to a few computer hacks & artists, decided to begin working to develop a newer, more enjoyable, & relaxed VA.

Welcome to Central Airlines, Enjoy!



This former NBC broadcast radio announcer & current chemical specialist for a major pharmaceutical corporation lives quite independently in the midwest, with access to both online flight & auto racing setups~


A role model, mentor, & southwestern sim pilot with a little bit of knowledge about custom liveries & the color wheel~


This chatty SOCAL private military contractor & multi-sim pilot puts F-18 on everything, waffles, ice cream, you name it; if it's sitting still, then it's going to get stung~


The real deal with a hang her just off the Appalachian Trail, this organ-collector has vast knowledge & incredibly deep understanding of objects capable of lifting you off the ground~


The magic of Northeast Florida & the sunshine in our group, this military & commercial sim pilot may have left Southern California to pursue his love of sea mammals, but he didn't leave his ability to make you cry like a big baby~


A rider on the storm & radio scanner junkie, this pilot usually makes news & the Fallout is great when he spends more time shooting than flying~


Three years sober, twenty-some years computer hacker, & one of our brighter bulbs, this former aviation employee & sim pilot from the Great Plains credits flight sim & online gaming for keeping him on the right vector~


We play all kinds of games.


FSX Steam Edition




Universal Paperclips


Virtual Airline

We fly high.

Central Airlines pilots utilize the FSAirlines Virtual Airlines Management System, available at fsairlines.net, to fly a wide variety of aircraft, on fully customizeable schedules & routes.
Our fleet of aircraft, from general aviation planes to commercial jets, may be viewed online at the FSA Crew Center. For more information about joining the Central Airlines VA, contact ICE or bulbbulb2~